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Graphic Velvet

This season, velvet has a new look. It is adorned with graphic lines to reveal itself as vibrant and daring. Dusted off, it finds its place in every room of the house... it's simple, we want it everywhere! We use (but do not abuse) its reflections and its sensuality to warm up our interior. A material of choice for allure and elegance, we choose velvet in curtains or panels on the windows for a hushed atmosphere, we play the card of subtlety by adding it by touch with cushions or we dare the strong piece and we establish the personality of its interior with furniture.

Velvet in all its forms

Shorn, ribbed or buzzed, it is available in a variety of styles for greater versatility. The combination of materials, yokes and handmade embroidery creates abstract, resolutely modern lines. Navy blue, forest green and squirrel brown contrast with the delicacy of ecru and the intensity of black to form strong geometric patterns.

Graphic Velvet
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